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Australian researchers are investigating the potential for probiotics to help lower blood pressure naturally. The scientists, who work at the Griffith Health Institute and School of Medicine, Griffith University, and Cardiac Services/Cardiology, Gold Coast Health, Australia, carried out a systematic review of the evidence from randomised controlled trials where people with hypertension took certain strains […]

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Beetroot Juice Lowers High Blood Pressure

by Leigh on January 15, 2015

Few things beat beets for lowering high blood pressure, at least according to the results of a randomized phase 2 trial funded by the British Heart Foundation and published in the journal Hypertension. A 250 ml glass of beetroot juice taken daily led to significant reductions in blood pressure compared to placebo in patients with […]

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A popular anabolic bodybuilding supplement, leucine, could be connected to obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure according to a new study. The research comes courtesy of the University of Iowa and looks at the underlying molecular pathways that are at work in these health conditions. What they found was that the branch chain amino […]


February 14th can be a tough day for many, with couples often feeling pressured to make things perfect and singles feeling obligated to find a date. Knowing that you’re quite unlikely to die of a broken heart is probably little consolation but even those with so-called Broken Heart Syndrome (Takotsubo cardiomyopathy) have a good prognosis […]


Including flaxseed in the diet could halve the number of strokes and cut heart attacks by around a third according to a new study. The researchers, working in Cuba, found that flaxseed decreased blood pressure more dramatically than any other dietary intervention ever studied. Presenting their findings at the American Heart Association 2012 Scientific Sessions, […]

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