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Problems in the bedroom are often a matter of the heart, but you wouldn’t necessarily link erectile dysfunction with heart attacks. There is plenty of evidence to suggest, however, that anyone experiencing erectile dysfunction ought to seek medical attention to ensure that this isn’t an early sign of cardiovascular disease.


Heart Disease, Sausage Link?

by Leigh on November 24, 2014

Processed red meats, including sausages and ham, significantly increase the risk of heart failure and death from heart failure, according to a study published in the journal Circulation: Heart Failure. The report, by Dr Joanna Kaluza of Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland, included calculations of an 8% and 38% increase in the risk of […]


A popular anabolic bodybuilding supplement, leucine, could be connected to obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure according to a new study. The research comes courtesy of the University of Iowa and looks at the underlying molecular pathways that are at work in these health conditions. What they found was that the branch chain amino […]


Should you need more incentive to take a natural approach to lowering cholesterol and your risk for heart disease, a new study suggests that high potency statins could increase your risk of acute kidney injury by more than a third. The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, researchers who carried out this study looked at over […]