Naturally Healthy Heart

Naturally Healthy Heart cranberriesA Naturally Healthy Heart is often achievable simply through diet and exercise without the need for expensive heart medications, heart surgery, and other drastic measures. Naturally Healthy Heart is a site that aims to provide accessible advice for those looking to keep their heart healthy, improve cardiovascular fitness, and who need a bit of extra assistance when recovering from, or coping with, heart disease, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular diseases and injuries.

Nutrition for Heart Health

Heart healthy foods can help reduce dangerously high cholesterol levels, help with blood pressure regulation, and keep heart tissue healthy and protected from free-radical damage. Foods can also alleviate inflammation that may be causing heart and circulation difficulties, can help redress any potassium/sodium imbalances, and provide the nutrition needed for repair after heart injury and illness. Find out more about nutrition for heart health.

Exercise for Heart Health

We often forget that the heart is a muscle – it needs exercise to stay strong. A quality fitness regime, including both aerobic and anaerobic exercises, is key to keeping the heart muscle fit and healthy and also in restoring it to health after injury. Cardiac-rehab specialists can help you get your heart strong again following illness as well as providing advice on keeping the heart healthy through exercise. Read on for tips on fitness and exercise for heart health.

Written by a qualified personal trainer, nutritional therapist, and cardiac-rehab specialist, the information you’ll find on this site aims to help you on your journey to a Naturally Healthy Heart!